SYLLABUSOFCOREJAVAModule1-IntroductionTypes of Programming language and Paradigms.Java–what,where and why?Platform independency Comparison in Java with C and C++Role of Java Programmer in Industry.Java Evolution and HistoryFeatures of Java Language.The Java Virtual Machine (JVM)–The heart of Java.Java’s Magic Byte codeJDK , JRE and JIT Module2–Language Fundamentals or Grammarof JavaThe Java Environment:Installing Javain WINDOWS and LINUX.Java Program Developmentin different environment. Java Source File StructureIntroduction to VI, notepad, edit plus editor and Net beans, Eclipse IDE.Compilation and Executions procedure using different editor and IDE. Reference parameters, Output parameters.Access specifiers and its requirement in java.Naming conventions Module 3-Reserve / Keywords presentin JavaLexical Tokens, IdentifiersModule4-Primitive Data typesand Block in javaData typesint , char , float , double , Boolean , short , long , byte UNICODE system Value type, Reference type.Types and Scope of variablesStatic variables, Instance variable, Local variables, final variable, transient variable, volatile variable.Static block and Non-static block.Static,non-static,final,abstract,native and synchronized Communicate java application with other language using java native interface.Module5-Java OperatorsArithmetic operators, Relational operators, Logical operators, Shift operatorsAssignment Operators, Unary operator Bitwise operators, Specialoperators.Ternary operator

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