Special Operators in C Language

Operators Definition

As studied earlier, Operators are the symbols, which performs operations on various data items known as operands. For Example: in a a+b, a and b are operands and + is an operator.

Note:- To perform an operation, operators and operands are combined together forming an expression. For example, to perform an addition operation on operands a and b, the addition(+) operator is combined with the operands a and b forming an expression.

Special operators

In C programming the special operators are mostly used for memory related functions.

Operators Description
& This is used to get the address of the variable.
Example: &a will give address of a.
* This is used as pointer to a variable.
Example: *a where, * is pointer to the variable a.
Sizeof () This gives the size of the variable.
Example: size of (char) will give us 1.

In this program, “&” symbol is used to get the address of the variable and “*” symbol is used to get the value of the variable that the pointer is pointing to. Please refer C – pointer topic to know more about pointers.



  value is: 20

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