Float Data Type In C++

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Float Data Type ?

A floating-point data type is used to store real numbers such as 3 .28, 64. 755765, 8.01, -24.53. Floating Point data type is used for storing single precision floating point values or decimal values. Float variables typically requires 4 byte of memory space.

This data type includes float and double' data types. The various floating -point data types with their size and range are listed in Table.

Float is also used in situations that can tolerate rounding errors that occur due to the float precision of seven digits.


double num = 10098.98899;

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Example 1:

Output :

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Example 2:

Output :

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Example 3:

Output :

	Size of char : 1 byte
	Size of int : 4 bytes
	Size of short int : 2 bytes
	Size of long int : 8 bytes
	Size of signed long int : 8 bytes
	Size of unsigned long int : 8 bytes
	Size of float : 4 bytes
	Size of double : 8 bytes
	Size of wchar_t : 4 bytes
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