Conditional Operator In Java

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Conditional Operators ?

The conditional operator is an operator used in C, C++ and java as well as in other languages also, operator returns one of two values depending on the result of an expression.

Syntax of Conditional Operator ?

(expression 1) ? expression 2 : expression 3

If expression 1 evaluates to true, then expression 2 is evaluated.(or)
If expression 1 evaluates to false, then expression 3 is evaluated instead.

Conditional Operators

Operator Description Example
+ Addition a+b
- Subtraction a-b
* Multiplication a*b
/ Division a/b
% Modulus a%b
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Example 1:

Output :

Smallest Number is number 1
number3 is not smallest

Example 2:


Variable is greater then 100
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Example 3:



Value of b is: 30
Value of b is: 20

Example 4:


Ans: No
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