Write a C Program to check Armstrong number

Write a C Program to check Armstrong number

 int main()
   int num,copy_of_num,sum=0,rem;

   //Store input number in variable num
   printf("\nEnter a number:");

   /* Value of variable num would change in the
      below while loop so we are storing it in 
      another variable to compare the results 
      at the end of program
   copy_of_num = num;

   /* We are adding cubes of every digit
    * and storing the sum in variable sum
   while (num != 0)
      rem = num % 10;
      sum = sum + (rem*rem*rem);
      num = num / 10;

   /* If sum of cubes of every digit is equal to number
    * itself then the number is Armstrong
   if(copy_of_num == sum)
      printf("\n%d is an Armstrong Number",copy_of_num);
      printf("\n%d is not an Armstrong Number",copy_of_num);


 Enter a number:8

 8 is not an Armstrong Number

 Enter a number:370

 370 is an Armstrong Number