Prayag Verma (Founder of Aimtocode)

Prayag Verma

Hi, first of all, thanks for visiting and welcome to my page, this page is all about me and you'll know how, when and why I started aimtocode.

About Me:

Success can be explained in many ways by every individual person according to his/her own opinion, experience and achievement, so according to my experience, Success is all about taking first step(initiatives) towards your goal and believing in yourself, is what success mean.

I always love coding and learning new technology, the idea of aimtocode begins from my college library in 2015, when I was pursuing my graduation (B.Tech). An unfortunate conincident kept happening every time I wanted to withdraw a needfull programming book from my college library, it was always either shortage of book or someone else were taken it before i could which were disaapointing me a lot, and there after, suddenly the idea of creating my own blog came into mind and started learning that how can I make it, apparently being one of B.Tech student had already studied about html, css and xml etc which helped me to make it which made easy for me to make it, though still many things had to learn before I start coding,designing and developing.

        Anyhow, since I wasn't getting free time during my academic, it took around four years to get it done and hosted on 21-09-2019. Yes you must be wondering that it took much time, but since I always wanted to help others to not face such problem what I faced so, it was all about dedication and determiniton of getting it done and so I did.

Right now, limited courses such as: C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, Php, Mysql, Sql, Html and Css are availabe for free to access which is being extended very soon with so many other technologies such as: Java- Hibernate framework, Spring framework, spring boot framework, struts framework, Python- Data Science, Python Advance, Data structure, C#, Scala, Ruby, Android sdk, Kotlin, Selenium, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and many other technologies.

Why Aimtocode Name:

As I said, I love coding and Programming, I am having the aim of being one of the best coder/programmer so I tried searching for the domain "" and apparently it was available, I registered quickely before someone else could. as you can see, the name aimtocode itself has a meaning aim of coding it came exactlty as I had expected and Thankfully, I registered this domain..

My Education:

Since I belong to a rural and small town (Giridih,Jharkhand) my parents was not feeling good to keep me far from them in the age of 6-9 years. so, I got my education from 1 to 4 in gov school, and then My parents got me my admission into a private school and so I Completed my education from 5th - 10th at the same school.
        After my school, I got my admission into one of the reputed secondary high school and completed my ISc(12th) from their. Till then I was so sure and got my clarity that what I want to become and interested to pursue further. therefore, I wrote enterence exam and got admission in B.Tech(CSE) from Anna University Chennai in 2015 and passed out in 2019.

My Ambition:

Let me tell you that, I want to become one of the good programmer and the medium of knowledge sharing via this portal to reach maximum number of students, teachers and learners who seek to learn computer's different langauges to bring the change and invent new technology.

        I am fully aware that I'll have to face lots of challenges and lots of problem but at last will be succeed as the legend have said:- any thing can be achieved if you struggle, work hard with determination and solving(do not face off) the challenges you may have.

Thank you 😊!






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