Hey, I’m Prayag.
Welcome to aimtocode Over the last four years i’ve been studying engineering B.Tech(IT) from Anna University Chennai. As a B.Tech student, being passionate of programming and coding was my first interest i got into, but due to unavailability and shortage of books in our library, i wasn't lucky enough to withdraw a book as per my needs. Therefore, i got an idea of sharing my programming and coding knowledge globally to help other student like me.

aimtocode is An Engineering portal site, It contains well written, easy explained, computer science and programming articles, quizzes, practices, certification and company interview Questions.

All Content and resources are free to use and aim is to keep it in such way to encourage my readers acquire as many skills as you would like to.

What does aimtocode offer?

aimtocode offers :

  • C++, Java, SDLC
  • Java script, Html
  • Css, Php, Sql
  • Android Studio
  • Material designing
  • Quize Practice and
  • Course Certification

aimtocode Mission

Our mission is to deliver Easy Learning with clear, crisp, and deep understandig of concept on a wide range of technical and non-technical subjects without any agreement and cost.